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We Repair Pool Equipment Too!

We are letting our customer’s know that we repair and replace pool equipment as well! Give us a call if you are in need of a pool repair. Thanks John

!!!!!!!Warning About The $99 Motor Installers!!!!!!!

Normally you’ll never see me post anything here on but I feel it’s time for us to be more proactive in our industry. Recently there has been a lot of problems in the valley regarding rebuilt pool motors. Apparently there has been a few craigslist company’s that have been popping up on the internet […]

High Efficiency Variable Speed Pool Motor Can Save You Money

If the costs of operating your pool are keeping you up at night, a variable speed pool motor could be the answer. You probably already know that a single-speed motor is a major contributor to home energy costs. In comparison, a variable speed motor helps pool owners reduce energy usage significantly. You’ll gain proper circulation […]


CONSUMER WARNING PLEASE BE AWARE:  Just recently there has been a few new service companies popping up in the Metro Phoenix Area who are claiming that they can install a rebuilt pool motor for as little as $195 and a new pool motor for $345.  Phone calls have been coming in and customer’s have been complaining […]

Is My Pool Motor Bad?

There are a few different ways in determining if your pool motor is bad or getting ready to go out! Listed below are a few different scenarios you need to ask yourself, listen for and check: Is my pool motor is making noise, i.e. grinding, growling etc? Is my pool pump noisy and won’t prime up? […]

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