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About AZ Pool Motors

About us:

Our journey started in a small garage in Phoenix. Our business consisted of building motors for smaller pool service companies and home warranty stations around the valley. We started out roughly with 10 companies who really seen the value in our products and as they grew we grew. After about 3 years of building motors our customer base kept expanding to the point to which we out grew that small garage in Phoenix . We then decided to open up a warehouse to handle the supply and demand that we were currently facing. The reason for our growth primarily is great products at great prices and service.

The Birth of

We begin to reason? Why not offer our products to the general public? We can bring great customer service to our customers with value as the local pool stores do, but with the exception that we go to the customers home and install them for a great low price. We can save the general public hundreds of dollars with our pool motors. Who doesn’t want to save money?

We also reasoned on the fact that most home owners don’t want to hassle with having to take there pool motors apart in the scorching Arizona heat and then drive it down to the local pool store just to find out that it’s going to cost them more money in parts plus time in taking it apart and re-stalling it. And if the home owner installs the pool motor wrong then the pool store will not honor there warranty. We have seen this happen time again to consumers. That’s why we started AzPoolMotors to bring you the customer peace of mind. The choice is pretty clear, with AzPoolMotors we can save you time and money with our pool motor installation and warranty, and we stand behind all of our work because we build our pool motors in-house. We are the largest pool motor re-builder in Arizona for a reason. Value!

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John Dagostino 


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