Variable Speed Pool Motor Installed for $699.00 with a 1 Year Warranty!

Variable Speed Pool MotorNew Variable Speed Pool Motor

Our brand new, variable speed pool motors deliver innovation and dramatic energy savings. AZ Pool Motors is proud to offer the great benefits of the EcoTech EZ. It’s a high performance pool pump motor that supplies high efficiency operations. This programmable motor and control unit features advanced functioning with a user-friendly interface.

At AZ Pool Motors, we sell the EcoTech EZ model, installed, for only $699, plus a $30 charge for a pump seal kit. This superior quality model is covered by a one-year product warranty. Incredibly, our environmentally friendly pool motors offer up to 90 percent energy efficiency. You’ll maximize savings and enjoy these features with the EcoTech EZ variable speed motor:

  • Programmable user interface
  • Digital display
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Responsive freeze sensor
  • Enclosed controller design
  • Customized flow options

Upgrade to a new EcoTech EZ motor that is designed for reduced energy expenditure,
long life, optimal output, and customized operations.

EcoTech EZ Pool Variable Speed Pool Motor Offers High Efficiency

Variable Speed Pool MotorFast programming. Easy operations. That’s the EcoTech EZ. There are plenty of reasons to replace a broken or energy-zapping motor with a new¬†EcoTech EZ variable speed pool motor, especially when it’s professionally installed for just $699. This model complies with pool motor legislation, and you could recoup your EZ investment in only one year, depending upon energy rates. With a variable speed motor, simply program your unit to run at high or low settings to meet varying demands.

In addition to our selection of out-of-the-box models, we sell reconditioned pool motors starting at $280 – including installation! Every motor we sell comes with a one-year warranty, and we’re always ready to provide excellent customer service. Shop smart without compromising on quality. Contact AZ Pool Motors today!



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